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We continuously improve our services and products as Quality and Food Safety for our consumers is our top priority. Our Organic, BRC (GFSI) certifications validate our commitment to these high food standards. Please find our certificates below.

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«Quality means doing it right when no one is looking»

Henry Ford


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Frozco has developed and implemented a business management system in compliance with international technical standards and recently obtained BRCGS certification. We hold highest level AA+ certificate.

The experience accumulated and the use of a valid control and monitoring system, have allowed us to implement the necessary procedures to:

  • Assure that food has been produced, prepared and handled according to the most recognized standards

  • Demonstrate a commitment to quality processes and continual improvement

  • Ensure the full satisfaction of our customers’ requests

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All our processors/manufacturers are approved through recorded audits. In our daily work, our objective is to guarantee maximum safety and transparency as well as excellence in the quality of the products supplied.


The skills of our group and the relationships established with our manufacturers ensure that we can work on all quality issues from origin to the finished product.


Frozco operates and supplies ingredients and raw materials in several countries around the world. For this reason, it has adapted over the years to the different needs of customers, obtaining relevant certifications such as Halal and Kosher.


In addition to being an FDA Registered exporting company for conventional products, Frozco operates in the Organic sector with super positive results guaranteeing transparency in the Organic certified supply chain both Organic according to EU standards and Organic according to NOP USDA standards.

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Our Organic range includes fruit and vegetables. All of these are certified and come from reliable selected producers only.

It is part of our commitment to supply products which respect people and the environment, usually intended for baby food preparations or simply for “greener” projects and applications.

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